Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Reno with Painted Wood Floors

Painted wood floors - one of my very favourite looks, I absolutely love it ♥♥♥

It gives the impression of a more relaxed lifestyle. It can also make a room look ultra modern, depending on the colours and finishes used.

Do you hate your wall to wall rug? I do!! One thing I can't stand is wall to wall carpeting. In my opinion there is nothing more gross, it collects dust, bugs, and I find it generally very unhealthy...

So, here is an idea, if you can and are in the mood for something different. Paint your floors instead of replacing them...

And here's how:

Pull your rug and dispose of it in a green way please.

What kind of sub floors do you have? Do you have beautiful planks, or do you have an ugly plywood floor?

If you have beautiful planks, consider yourself really lucky as you can just go ahead and paint them with the colour that will match your room's decor.

But before you do however, you need to prep them well. Remove any nails that maybe popping (last thing you want to step on is a nail - it hurts), fills in any cracks if you wish, or you can leave the cracks for added character, sand them very well (no splinters are no fun either), secure wherever the floors are squeeky. Replace any damaged planks. Get your floor ready for painting.

Then you will need to prepare the wood for painting, clean up all the dust from sanding and use a wood sealer, go to your hardware store and find a wood sealer - they protect your floors from moisture and seal the pores so your paint will glide on easily and as much as possible not get in the grain.

On the other hand if you found yourself with plywood sub-flooring and you really want to get planks, here's an idea for you.

Measure your space's square footage and buy plywood subflooring (buy extra because there will be scrap), cut your plywood in planks in the width of your desire. At your hardware store you will need glues, nails and screws to secure your new flooring (make sure you secure the old subfloor as well before installing the new one, not to end up with squeeky floors after all your hard work).

Then of course comes the fun part of selecting your colours and pattern if you opt to go with a pattern on your floor.

Although patterns add a lot of interest. I tend to stay away from this option for a few reasons.

One of them is when the floor will need to be restored, think about how tedious that would be to go and fix every bit and piece, very time consuming if you ask me. Another reason, is trend, I don't follow trends, as they fade and you're left with something that looks dated a couple of years down the road. One more reason, it becomes limiting if you want to use pattern elsewhere in the room, you have to be careful of the scale and pattern..

So my preference would be solid, or stripes, or a nice border around the perimetre of the room.
Enjoy an assortment of painted floors that I found which I hope will inspire you as well.
 Beautiful weathered stripes, give a feel of a space being well used and lived in.

Borders are great at giving interest to the floor, defining a space and giving the illusion of an area rug.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it of help to you with ideas for your flooring project.

Wishing you a beautiful day ♥


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lets Have Some Pillow Talk?

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home, is by adding pillows.
Nest Sentiment Lumbar Pillow
Pillows come in the biggest selection imaginable.

Add your favourite pop of colour with just a few accent pillows, mix solids and patterns, and when you get tired and want change, just change your colours..

Pillows come in an abundant array of colours, shapes and textures. They work like magic. In the blink of an eye you can create any feel for a room, from glamorous, to plush and comfy, to sporty, or nautical, the options are endless.

Make your space comfortable and inviting. Pillows give a relaxed feeling to any space, even to the most glamorous spaces, they just make people feel more welcome and invited.

Pillows add interesting layers of textures and colours, making the eye travel and discover, people love touching them.
Cashmere Pillow Covers

Use Monogrammed pillows to make the space more personal, and add a touch of unexpected elegance and sophistication.

Add extra seating to your space with some oversized pillows, your visitors will love the feel and atmosphere, they can even be used as foot rests.

I love Pillows, I love having lots of them.
If you can't find what you're looking for to accomodate your decor, there are many places where you could get your very own custom made, unique to you pillows.

Use them, change them, they are the most cost effective way of decorating and changing the look and feel of any room.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, and photos from my favourite stores, Crate and Barrel, Pottery barn, Restoration hardware, and my very own.

Love and Light

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Pink is not a new obsession to me as would sing Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, rather it has and will always be my very favourite decadent obsession.

Colour pink brings a lot of gentleness in warmth in a room, with the endless shades you can create any mood you want in a room, from super soft and gentle to wild and extravagant.

Although some people have embeded beliefs that pink is for girls only, this is obviously a false belief and we do see it constantly in the fashion world with the most masculin men wearing pink.
Dress a black cabinet with pink knobs like this one for instant glamour.

Pink is the colour of romance and love, in feng shui they say if you want to enhance your love life or attract love, place rose items in your home, and especially in your bedroom.

An armchair in your bedroom in pink is a very sexy thing to trigger those romantic feelings, or just enjoy some relaxing time reading or just fantasizing.
Have no fear of using pink. It is a beautiful colour to use anywhere in your home.
With so many shades and variations to chose from you can create unique spaces.

For instance create a smaching powder room with a silver and hot pink vanity.
Classic lines, modern finishes and colours and you've got instant wow.
Why not welcome your guests with a beautiful pink sofa in the foyer, or living room, add a touch of fun with bold colours, and instantly everyone is having a great time, sharing laughs and happy thoughts.

Dress a room or a wall with pink wallpaper and bring in loads of yumminess in your space, a classic motif supersized and in bright pink, lifts up the space and shows your adventurous side.

Still not sure about using pink? Then use removable covers, and easy to replace accessories instead.

Pink, is the colour of love and the colour of those who dare live life to the fullest.

Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I have, wishing you love and pink feelings ♥