Friday, September 10, 2010

Romance in my bedroom

Fall is the season to cozy up, and what a great thing that is.

I chose the bedroom this time for the make-over, and put together my favourite palette for the season, named it "Romance." What better place to get cozy, relax and dream big.

Since my trip to Paris, I was inspired by the french city's architecture and grandiose, the crisp mornings with a light sweater, the smell of coffee and the taste of freshly baked croissant, the cruise on the Seine, the sun shining bright and the weathered colours of the buildings. Romance is it I thought, this will be my new fav. for the season.

"Romance" with its soft muted tones of silvery Amethyst, highlighted with hints of gold for a bold statement of royalty, and spiced up with dashes of warm dark chocolate for the secretly caprious moments of indulgence.Geometrical shapes, embraced by vines and flora and butterflies fluttering to the chant of the breezy nights.
Fluid fabrics draping tall windows, and lushes beddings awaiting snuggles.
A symphony of glory to enjoy and embrace day and night, night and day, whenever you feel like taking a dreamy break from a hectic world outside your romanced haven.

Wanted to share my delicious combination and inspire you with "Romance"

Wishing you a gorgeous day,


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