Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen Delight on the Tight (budget)...

When it comes to kitchen renovations, we all know how these project almost always end up costing a mint.

However, here is one that was done on an extremely tight budget, and turned from litterally a nightmare:

Into a complete Delight:

It was all done on a very tight budget, as the home owner was reselling their home.

Floors were replaced with laminate planks, very nicely finished in the impression of tiles.
The original kitchen cabinets, were kept - believe it or not, they were in great condition the only wrong thing with them was their look and the old dates hardware.
They were cleaned, sanded and painted in a buttery white and that immediately livened up the kitchen.
The walls were painted in a straw colour inspired by the setting of the home in the country.
Counter tops were replaced with a dark elegant laminate contrasting well with the cabinets and the wall and adding some depth.
Hardware was replaced with oil rubbed bronze to tie the look with the wrough iron wall opening and the kitchen set.
A half wall was opened bringing in more light in the kitchen and giving the impression of open space.
Window coverings in a beautiful chartreuse toile dressed the windows in the kitchen while softening the hard edges and adding a homy look, the two bar stools flanking the mobile island were covered in the same fabric to create a cohesive look.

With all these small updates, this kitchen went from drab to totally fab, on a very tight budget, the transformation was a great success and added great resell value to the home.

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