Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mystic Lantern

Lanterns one ancient way of bringing light back when the darkness  has fallen upon us.
Lanterns go back in history to 1500 BC and perhaps even before, they were the only source of lighting created by mankind for many years until the electricity was discovered and slowly but surely lantern lighting was replaced by light bulbs.

In our modern society lanterns are used mostly to beautify or light up the outdoors when there is no source of electricity available.
A great way of bringing the outdoors in, is by bringing lanterns into your indoor decor, and using them as source of lighting.

Play with a selection of lanterns in different sizes, different finishes that would complement each-other, lay them in attractive groupings on a table, a window sill, in-front of a fireplace, on a counter, or kitchen island or just create a cozy grouping in the corner of a room, create a spectacular ambience by lighting your lantern with block candles or tea lights.

Lanterns bring into the modern space a feel of old-world. They come in many varieties of shapes, finishes, textures, colours and sizes, they are a great source of light. Different cultures and countries each have their own unique styles of lanterns. Bring them together in a collage that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Use them to create mood, use them to even save on your electrical bills and save some electric energy if you may.

Lantern lighting will give your room a feel of relaxation and intimacy, you and your guests can enjoy around dinners, great conversations, and gatherings on any occasion. People love the atmosphere around lanterns and candle light, and somehow this mood brings them closer to each-other.

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