Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's an Orange Burst!

We all know how long and cold Canadian winters could get, especially if you live them.

If you're anything like me, I personally love hot/warm weather, sunny skies, flowers everywhere, green trees, you get it... Although I do welcome the rain every now and then, and believe it or not some odd snow-flakes every Christmas!

Cold long winters, lack a very important element, and that is colour. So why not change your home around in the winter time if you live in places with extreme winter conditions, to add a little bit of happy note, a little bit of warmth, and a little bit of colour!

This time I have chosen a happy and vibrant orange. Orange is an energy filled colour, it's a power colour, it is also a healing colour, it also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.

Adding accents of orange in your room will definitely change the mood around, and this feeling of long dragging days will vanish.

Play with it, experiment with small items, if you're more daring, why not slip cover a couple of chairs - slip covers are great, they are versatile, you can remove and wash any time, they also allow you to change things around when you want to without the added expense.

Paint an accent wall, paint is one of the easiest things to do, when you are tired of it, just paint over with a new colour. An accent wall in orange will make the room look really sunny, you'd probably want to paint this colour, in a dining room since it's an appetite stimulator or in a family room or play room!
In Kids rooms add little accents here and there for energy bursts!

Enjoy your Orange Bursts of colour, bring in the sunshine!

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