Monday, May 14, 2012

The Kid Friendly Space

Does this look like it could be familiar to you?

Do you have kids at home and feel they have taken over the space you all share.
Is it starting to crawl on you, when you finally tuck them in bed, and need a spot to relax, but still find yourself staring at toys and baby stuff all over the place?
Are you embarrassed to bring friends and family over because no matter how much you tidy up and clean up, the space looks unattractive?

Or how about this one, do you have a baby that has started to crawl and stand and you are paranoid your baby might get bumps here and there at the edge of a table etc?

Well then keep on reading as here is where all the good news starts.
First of all, you are not allone.

In this small article, I am going to share with you a few products and tips on making your space kid friendly, and keep your sanity.

Kids are very quick little humans, I've been there and can't count the times where I turned my head to find my son climbing and pulling things where he shouldn't be and he always outsmarted me that way.

We want to keep the space as open as possible but not having a coffee table for instance is not convenient, the space looks like there is a hole in the middle of it, and it is an incomplete space, so here are a couple coffee or side table options:
The oval or round table - great solution for taking care of sharp edgesVEJMON Coffee table IKEA Separate shelf for storing magazines, etc. Keeps your things organized and the table top clear.
VITTSJÖ Coffee table IKEA Tempered glass and metal are hardwearing materials that give an open, airy feel.
Another great idea for coffee tables would be to use the storage ottoman, I love those as they act as a foot rest, they are large enough to put a tray on them and use them as a table, and they store away everything and anything you want to make disappear when not in use...
KIVIK Footstool with storage IKEA Large practical storage space under the seat.
Seating is also a fear, these kids they jump on furniture, they eat and whipe their cute little fingers everywhere. But still this does not justify putting up with terrible furniture that screams ugliness and to top it off is extremely uncomfortable.
I have been through so many homes where the owners lived on very uncomfortable and badly designed and constructed furniture just because they had little ones.
Well, you don't have to do this anymore - the magic word is slip-cover. Whether you invest in a sofa or chairs, even if you opt to purchase for the time being furniture that is not so high end, look for the ones with slip covers, easy to remove and wash and put back on like nothing ever happened. Here are a couple of great comfy pieces that do come with slip covers, or are really easy to sew if you would like a different fabric:
EKTORP Sofa cover IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.
EKTORP TULLSTA Armchair IKEA The pillow provides comfortable lumbar support. Extra covers are available for variation and renewal.
Flooring, bring in natural soil repellent, like 100% wool it is warm on the feet in the winter days, your kids will not be sliding all over the place if you have hardwood floors, it will also protect your wooden floors.
Rugs also define the area and break the space into sections. Wool is a great option, and make sure it is a low pile, as little toddles could end up pulling a shaggy rug to put the strands in their mouth.
PERSISK HAMADAN Rug, low pile IKEA Each rug has its own unique, traditional Persian pattern.
Storage and display units - lets face it eliminating the fact you have kids is hard, how much you want to tuck away and remove from sight is totally up to you, but know that from a very young age, kids are creatures of habits, teach them to tidy up before bed time. Use display book cases that can double as storage units as well as display your favourite decorations and memorabilia, use special made inserts to accommodate these book cases, baskets or storage boxes to hide all the little toys, here are a couple favourite of mine:
EXPEDIT TV storage unit IKEA The shelves can be placed to the left or right. Choose the placement that suits you best.
NÄSUM Basket IKEA This basket is suitable for storing your newspapers, magazines, photos or other memorabilia.EXPEDIT Insert with door IKEA The insert is also finished on the back. Looks good from both directions in a room divider.PRÄNT Box with lid IKEA This box is suitable for storing your newspapers, magazines, photos or other memorabilia.
Last but not least your accessories, try to keep them to a minimum, also try to opt for shatter free objects accidents do happen, even with grown ups but with little ones they are more than quick to pick and put in their mouth whatever they can reach, it is good to keep it as kid friendly as possible.

I hope you have found this little post of help and that you have enjoyed it.

Love and Light ♥


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